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tagged with: homophobia / transphobia
Sri Lanka steps up anti-gay persecution

in SRI LANKA, 13/09/2013

The Commonwealth nation of Sri Lanka, which the United Nations is warning is turning into an authoritarian state, has begun to step up its repression of its GLBTI citizens, according to human rights workers.

The government, which controls the police, military and media, is said to be orchestrating a smear campaign to isolate gays from the rest of society by portraying them as pedophiles and criminals.

In a complex string of events, carried out by a radio station which says its aims are "revealing truth of the social issues and what people doing in the corrupted community," a raid was carried out on an alleged male prostitution operation in combination with a reporter making a false proposal of marriage to a youth who is variously being described as gay or transgender. The youth's identity was publicly revealed and he has now fled to the sanctuary of a monastery.

Meanwhile, a monk has been accused of having sex with under-age boys in what is suspected to be a trumped-up charge.

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