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Transgender Law Gets Its First Treatise

in UNITED STATES, 18/09/2013

The first-of-its-kind guide from the American Bar Association offers a roadmap for navigating the legal issues that touch many aspects of life as a transgender person. Among the complexities of gender transition, legal issues abound. And now transgender people and their attorneys have a landmark guide to the shifting terrain of transgender rights.

The American Bar Association’s new 313-page treatise, Transgender Persons and the Law, is intended to educate both transgender persons and the legal practitioners who represent them. Written by transgender lawyer Ally Windsor Howell, the book addresses laws and court cases in a variety of areas, including housing, military service and veterans benefits, family law, healthcare, education, employment, immigration, and criminal justice. Howell also details the legal documents transgender people should understand in order to change names, birth certificates, and gender identification—a DVD is included with a complete set of these forms for all 50 states and Washington, DC.

“Transgender Persons and the Law is likely to become the definitive treatise for legal issues that have specific application to transgender persons throughout the United States,” said Robert J. O’Toole, cochair of the New York State Bar Association’s Transgender Subcommittee, in a review of the book. “I commend this book to any lawyer who might be representing transgender clients, or anyone who is interested in learning more about the special legal challenges faced by transgender people.”

Howell also addresses the medical community regarding properly identifying transgenderism and includes a glossary of terms commonly used in the transgender community.

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