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‘Neutral gender’ restrooms confuse Baiyangdian visitors

in CHINA, 06/09/2013

A public toilet marked as "neutral gender" at tourism spot Baiyangdian Lake in Hebei Province has people confused over who the facilities are for, leaving some joking about whether they are only reserved for transgendered people.

Amused by the sign, Net users sarcastically asked if the bathroom was designed for transgendered people, but staff at the scenic spot said that the public toilet, built years earlier, is intended for the elderly, young children and those with a disability - not specifically for transgendered people, Shijiazhuang-based news portal hebnews.cn said Friday.

The neutral gender bathrooms have larger stalls that can hold two or three people, making it easier for people to be helped inside, said staff.

But most seniors and kids avoid the gender neutral toilets, confused about who they are for, hebnews.cn said.

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