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Omani English language weekly, The Week , issued an apology to readers after publishing the article.
Article on gays stirs a hornet’s nest in Oman

in OMAN, 06/09/2013

An article in a local weekly tabloid on homosexuality among Omanis has kicked up a huge controversy, prompting the publisher to carry a public apology on the home page of the publication’s online edition.

The article, carried by The Week in their latest issue, evoked ire from a cross-section of people, who gave vent to their feelings on cyber space.

The topic was trending on microblogging site Twitter over the weekend with the Shura Council chairman, Shaikh Khalid Bin Hilal Bin Naseer Al Maa’wali, assuring his followers on Twitter that the Media Committee at the Council will handle the issue.

“The tone of the article seemed that there was an attempt to promote the unnatural act as natural,” Tawfiq Al Lawati, Shura member from Muttrah constituency, told Gulf News.

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