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Acceptance of lesbian love: Too much to expect?

in BANGLADESH, 31/08/2013

Bangladesh, being a dominant Muslim country with a very conservative attitude towards social digresses is possibly a pothole for members of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) community. It is safe to say that while the government acknowledges the fact that LGBT rights need to be protected, nothing worthwhile is/will be done about it because of the country’s ‘conservative’ attitude on such matters.

Seema is a twenty something year old girl who is not sexually attracted to the opposite sex. When she finally understood this “problem” latent in her, she decided to keep it to herself. Since then, Seema has found many like-minded people around her, but whatever happens between them remains behind shut doors. “Living in Bangladesh as a lesbian is like living in hell,” says Seema.

The news of two girls being arrested in Dhaka for falling in love and getting married has become the talk of the town. The younger girl, Shibronty Roy Puja, is a Hindu of 16, and Sanjida Akter, is a Muslim aged 21. Puja’s father filed a complaint that confirmed she was missing, after which the police searched and finally found them in a house in Mohammadpur.

While many sneer at this recent incident, it by far remains the only reported case of lesbian love being talked about, rather becoming news in mainstream media. The fact that Puja was underage seems to come up as a reason for their marriage to be unacceptable, and of Sanjida using her “vice” ways to lure the underage girl (added to the fact of it being an interreligious marriage).

Many seem to think of same-sex relationships to be an influence of western culture, much like live-in relationships. The fact that gay-ism has been in the root of our society since time immemorial does not register in the minds of such bigots.

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