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The experts at the Helem and LebMASH event reflected World Health Organization guidance that ‘treating’ homosexuality won’t work and can be dangerous.
Lebanon on course to legalize homosexuality

in LEBANON, 31/08/2013

Psychologists agree to be expert witnesses in court to say homosexuality is natural, and so laws against ‘unnatural’ sex acts do not apply. Lebanon is closer to making gay sex legal after psychiatrists and psychologists in the country stated homosexuality was ‘natural’, GSN can reveal.

The statements are a huge breakthrough because law 534, used to prosecute gay sex, is actually a law against ‘unnatural’ sex acts.

And now psychologists and psychiatrists have stated they would be prepared to be expert witnesses in court and tell judges homosexuality is ‘natural’.

Helem, the leading LGBTQ protection organization in Lebanon, and LebMASH (the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health) cooperated with the LPS (Lebanese Society of Psychiatry) and LPA (the Lebanese Psychology Association) to secure the breakthrough statements.

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