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Jamaican Tabloid on Queen Ifrica's Hypocrisy

in JAMAICA, 02/09/2013

"In fact, given that many Jamaican dancehall artistes are so passionate about their abhorrence homosexuality, and since they obviously see protesting against homosexual lifestyle as a major priority of their creative mission, they should boycott those countries that support gays" says Editorial.

Yeah man, President Obama is on record supporting gay marriage, and homosexuals are protected and embraced in the USA, so dancehall artistes should stand on principle and refuse to work in the US for their 'gay' money.

Local artistes who want to protest could do well by taking a leaf from the book of the late Peter Tosh. The stepping Razor didn't just say 'no apartheid 'round here!' Anybody can do that, especially when it's guaranteed to get a cheer. Tosh did more. He gave up lucrative financial benefits and refused to perform in Israel because that country was selling guns to the apartheid regime in South Africa. What say you?"

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