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SHOCKING: Woman denied entry into police force, declared ‘male’

in INDIA, 25/08/2013

After a series of medical tests, a woman cop aspirant, was declared male on Friday. According to reports, doctors of JJ hospital in Ahmednagar town, who conducted medical tests to establish the gender of the candidate, have declared the female cop aspirant to be a male.

A report in TOI said: Based on her medical report, senior police officers have found Radhika (as she is being referred to by TOI) unfit to be inducted into the 45,000-strong force as a woman police constable.
The case first came to light in May when Radhika arrived in Mumbai to submit her application documents for a police constable's position. She applied for the post during a recruitment drive at Kopargaon taluka in the state.
The panel of doctors from JJ Hospital, which carried out the medical tests on Radhika two weeks ago, said Radhika was a woman trapped in a man's body.
A doctor from the team said she had undergone Karyotype test, serum estrogen and serum testoterone tests to establish her gender. "We found that she had the 'XY' chromosome, which proved that the candidate was male. Moreover, she had male infantile genitals (resembling an infant's).

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