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Invisible Pakistanis: Denied the right to identity

in PAKISTAN, 24/08/2013

There are nearly 180 million Pakistanis, but only half of them exist as legally recognized citizens  — ie, possess a national identity card (NIC) that confirms their identity as legal citizens of Pakistan and entitles them to basic rights, such as equality of status, access to economic and political justice and freedom of expression, belief and worship. With a rapidly burgeoning population, these innumerable identity-less Pakistanis have faded silently into the background.

Without an NIC, these individuals are unable to enroll in schools and colleges, obtain a driver’s licence or passport, register a vehicle, open a bank account, pay taxes, get a utility connection, file for legal procedures or vote. Furthermore, along with the day-to-day struggles, there is no legal cover in matters of financial entitlement or inheritance. Read more

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