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When it comes to transgender rights, Chinese citizens seem to be getting more progressive.(Bobby Yip/Reuters)
From the Shadows: China's Growing Tolerance of Transgender Rights

in CHINA, 17/08/2013

In the last few weeks of July, the story of a young transgender couple who transitioned together, which had previously gone viral in the Western media, trended on Sina Weibo, China's popular microblogging platform. Although some Chinese people were puzzled by the story, many praised the couple for their bravery and the quality of their relationship.

American teenagers Katie Hill and Arin Andrews met at a transgender support group and began dating shortly thereafter. Katie was born male but identifies as female, while Arin was born female but identifies as male. Both knew they were born in the wrong bodies and were able to support and understand each other.

Chinese reactions to the story on Weibo were generally positive. Wrote queer news organization @淡蓝同志新闻: "Everyone has the right to love. Be yourself! Good luck! Others can learn from your experience as a #genderswapcouple"

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