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Transgender issues off the radar in HK

in HONG KONG, 17/08/2013

The public's understanding of issues affecting the transgender community is still at an early stage here, according to the Transgender Resource Centre.

The Court of Final Appeal last week ruled in favour of a transsexual woman -- known as "W" -- who was battling for the right to marry her boyfriend.

Speaking after RTHK's City Forum, on the right of transsexuals to marry, Kaspar Wan -- a representative of the resource centre -- said that although society here is quite conservative, people are showing a willingness to learn.

Speaking after the same forum, Dr Hong Kwai-wah -- a psychiatrist and a member of the Society of Truth and Light's board of directors -- said that while he accepted the court's conclusion, he did not think it was a decision that should have been made through the courts.


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