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Activists from People Like Us met with Prof Douglas Sanders (second from the right) during a visit to Singapore.
Civil Unions in Thailand?

in THAILAND, 07/08/2013

Professor Douglas Sanders from Mahidol University in Bangkok writes about where Thailand is in regards to civil unions and makes predictions about where they are going

"Four governments in Asia are seriously considering some form of legal recognition for same-sex relationships, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The exact emphasis varies, with calls for equal human rights, concerns with transgender people, and the recognition of practical problems of couples who live together. In Thailand and Vietnam, the emphasis seems primarily on the practical problems faced by individual same-sex couples.

An excellent short animated Thai video, produced in 2012, takes the viewer step by step through the lives of two Thai men who graduated from university at the same time, one heterosexual, one homosexual. One is able to marry his long-term partner. The other is not. The story shows the consequences for the gay man’s same-sex relationship. He and his partner cannot jointly sign for a loan to buy a house. One partner is not covered by the medical plan of the other. One cannot authorize emergency medical treatment for his partner after an automobile accident. For the gay couple there are no inheritance rights without a will. In the video story, the surviving partner looses ownership of the couples’ home to his deceased partner’s parents (who had never supported the relationship). Married heterosexual couples do not face these problems."

Read the full article, attached below.

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