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Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry: June 2013 Report

in PHILIPPINES, 31/07/2013

The Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health, National Epidemiology Center has just released its June 2013 Report.

 From the report, there are 431 new cases of HIV, whoch is 46% higher compared to last year's report.  Ninety-five percent of the cases were males.  The 20-29 age group had the most number of cases. Still, males having sex with males were the predominant type of sexual transmission with 88% of the cases. The bulk of the cases came from the National Capital Region (NCR), REgion 7) and Region 4A. 


See the full report at http://doh.gov.ph/sites/default/files/NEC_HIV_June-AIDSreg2013.pdf or download the attachment at the foot of this page. 

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