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Forced intersex surgery ‘genital mutilation’

in AUSTRALIA, 26/07/2013

A Senate inquiry has heard that intersex people, including children and newborn infants, regularly undergo unnecessary surgery and hormone therapy at the urging of doctors and medical staff.

Established in September, the Senate Committee into the Involuntary or Coerced Sterilisation of People with Disabilities in Australia released its first report on July 17, but has extended its running time after hearing evidence from intersex rights groups of widespread forced sterilisation and gender reassignment surgery practised on intersex people.

In its submission to the inquiry, Organisation Intersex International Australia (OII) claimed that “every individual member of OII Australia has experienced some form of non-consensual medical intervention” and cited numerous specific instances of intersex people being pressured by medical professionals to undertake non-essential genital surgery, gonadectomies, clitorectomies and hormone therapy.

One testimonial included in the OII submission recounts how an intersex man reluctantly agreed to hormone therapy after his doctor unsettled him with “threats and horror stories” and claimed the therapy “would turn me into a ‘real man’”.

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