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LGBTs get their ‘national anthem’ in Nepal

in NEPAL, 26/07/2013

After winning a Supreme Court judgment that allows same-sex marriage and asks the government to make laws to protect their rights, the burgeoning LGBT community in Nepal has another cause to celebrate – getting their own “national anthem”.

The nine-minute-long song, now being shot as a music video, will be released commercially next month when the Himalayan nation observes its traditional Teej festival.

Regarded as a feminine festival during which women, young and old, dress up in red and dance and feast together in an act of solidarity, the event became open to transgenders after Nepal’s political parties and a former prime minister’s wife began to include members of the community in their invitations.

The song, written by a third-gender in her 20s, who calls herself Samikshya, combines the style of folk songs with modern elements that focus on the rising gay rights movement in the once conservative kingdom.

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