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Lawyer: "Prison is a living nightmare for trans women"

in NEW ZEALAND, 14/07/2013

Lawyer Kelly "K1" Ellis is spearheading the movement for transgender women to no longer be placed in custody with men, where they are being raped and assaulted. We get a little more insight into Ellis' work and her thoughts on the current system.

Ellis says maintaining professional distance is important in any job, but it is very, very hard when dealing with trans prisoners.

“The people I deal with are almost universally broken. They don't have homes, their families offer little support and alcoholism and drug addiction are rife. The system victimises them in a totally disproportionate way.”

Ellis, a member of the group TransAdvocates, represents Tanya*, who went, briefly, into custody in relation to a charge she wasn't going to get jailed for, and was raped by a gang member.

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