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Response to Dr. Khoury’s interview about homosexuality

in LEBANON, 17/07/2013

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH), in response to the interview conducted with Dr. Nabil Khoury by OTV on June 6th, 2013 would like to clarify the following: The use of the terms “louti” (derogatory Arabic slang for gay) and “sou7ak” (derogatory Arabic slang for lesbian) is offensive and further alienates lesbian and gay individuals in Lebanon.

We call on all health care professionals in Lebanon to refrain from using such terms. The terms milthi (gay) and mithliyya (lesbian) are the appropriate, non-judgmental terms to use when discussing members of the gay and lesbian community. It is our duty as health care providers to help people attain healthier lives. Using derogatory terms to describe a group of individuals in our society fuels the abuse, bullying, prejudice, and discrimination to which this group is already subjected to and leads to worse health in these individuals. 

We agree with Dr. Khoury regarding the lack of association between secondary sexual characteristics and sexual orientation. A masculine man can be sexually attracted to other men and a feminine woman can be sexually attracted to other women.

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