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Gay director Kim Joh Kwang-su releases pre-wedding photos

in KOREA, REPUBLIC OF, 30/06/2013

Korea’s gay director Kim Jho Gwang-soo has released two batches of pre-wedding photos. The 49-year-old’s decision to wear a white wedding gown in heavy make-up with his film producer partner, Kim Seung-hwan, in the mid-June photo shoot has turned quite a few heads.

‘Society differentiates between men and women with clothing, using it to restrict the female body in particular,’ the Just Friends? director told a press conference earlier this week. ‘We would like to tear apart this understanding.’

‘It’s not a male-to-female drag. It’s just putting on a wedding dress and then make-up.’

Kim Jho Gwang-soo plans to have his marriage legally registered after a ceremony on 7 September. As it looks set to be denied, he has vowed to file a constitutional appeal.

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