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Ex-labourer 'Sexy Pancake' goes viral

in THAILAND, 07/07/2013

A male transvestite from Khon Kaen has become a national Internet celebrity, garnering over 544,000 likes on his Facebook page, "Sexy Pancake", in less than two months.

Since rising to fame, the Internet star has had numerous television appearances and received continuous work offers in several locations including Bangkok, predominantly in "lady-boy" dance shows.

Niwat Sangmor, 25, is also publishing an autobiography, set to be released this year.

Niwat, who goes by the nickname "Pancake", lives in a small house in Waeng Noi district. He shares a small house and plot of land with his grandmother and a cow. "I had the feeling of being a woman since my childhood," he added.

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