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Participants holding placards and banners during the 5th Chennai Rainbow Pride March organised in the city on Sunday (http://newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/Change-in-air-as-LGBT-community-takes-out-pride-march/2013/07/01/article1661248.ece)
Gay pride on display but Chennai misses show

in INDIA, 07/07/2013

The optimists among them good-naturedly called it an opportunity to discover new parts of the city, and be discovered in turn, but the cynics called out the 5th edition of the Chennai Rainbow Pride March for what it was - a low-visibility affair.

"It's a transgender parade," women from the nearby slum decided, watching from a safe distance the cultural programme that marked the end of the parade on Langs Garden Road. That the parade was a coalition of several sexual and gender minorities like lesbians, gays and transsexuals was a subtlety lost on the crowd. Yet the women watching decided that the participants of the parade ought to be treated fairly and compassionately. Perhaps the parade, in its new location, was not just preaching to the choir after all.

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