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Maurice Tomlinson (Photo courtesy of International Planned Parenthood Federation)
Progress in challenge to Belize anti-gay immigration law

in BELIZE, 08/05/2014

The Caribbean Court of Justice has ruled that Jamaican national Maurice Tomlinson can proceed to challenge the immigrations laws of Belize.

Tomlinson went to the Trinidad and Tobago-based CCJ contending that the immigration laws of Belize and of Trinidad and Tobago discriminate his freedom of movement as a CARICOM [Caribbean Community and Common Market] national under the Treaty of Chaguaramas because he is a gay man.

Section 5 of the Immigration Act lists homosexuals or persons living on or receiving proceeds of homosexual behaviour as persons who can be denied entry to Belize.

According to a staff lawyer for the Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities, (CariFLAGS), Richie Maitland, the CCJ … was of the opinion that “the mere existence of the provision is enough to show an arguable case of prejudice as a gay national of a CARICOM country.”

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