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Arcus Announces Capacity-Building Initiative for U.S. LGBT Movement

in UNITED STATES, 23/06/2013

The Arcus Foundation, a leading global foundation advancing pressing social justice and conservation issues, announced the Arcus LGBT Leadership Initiative, an array of resources to support leaders of the U.S. LGBT movement that will complement the Foundation’s grantmaking. Arcus’ intent is to maximize the caliber, connectedness and impact of the leaders who are advancing LGBT equality in the U.S by enhancing their skills and collaboration. Deadline Extended to July 5, 2013. 

The first two components of the initiative are mentorship and peer networking support programs for new or early-career executive directors (EDs), details of which were announced today.

Over time, Arcus expects to expand the array of experiences and opportunities available to participants. Richard Burns, a non-profit management consultant who is both a former Arcus Chief Operating Officer and past executive director of New York's LGBT Community Center, will develop and manage the initiative on behalf of the Foundation.

“History makes clear the fact that effective social justice movements require strong, skilled, collaborative leadership,” said Arcus Executive Director Kevin Jennings. “This investment in the health of the movement and environment in which our grantees are doing their work is material to our shared prospects for success.” 

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