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ORAM on World Refugee Day

in WORLD, 21/06/2013

Organization for Refugee, Asylum, & Migration (ORAM) announces a new documentary and report in honor of World Refugee Day.

On June 20, the world observes World Refugee Day in recognition of those who have fled their countries in search of safe heaven. We at ORAM - Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration - pay tribute to refugees who are too often ignored - those escaping persecution because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI).

In honor of World Refugee Day, ORAM is proud to present a groundbreaking publication and documentary series uncovering profound exclusion and disturbing protection gaps affecting refugees and asylum seekers who are sexually and gender nonconforming.

LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers offer intensely powerful testimony in the ORAM documentary No Place for Me.
>> View a 10 minute preview: http://www.oraminternational.org/en/videos/276-theres-no-place-for-me-10min-

In our Blind Alleys publications, we bring two years of intensive field research to refugee service professionals and policymakers wanting practical guidelines for working effectively with LBGTI refugees and asylum seekers.

>> Download the reports: http://www.oraminternational.org/en/publications/264-blind-alleys

We are working toward the day when no one will need to flee their home for fear of persecution. Until then, ORAM will continue to be there to make sure LGBTI refugees are not forgotten.

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