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‘Bring third sex into main stream!’

in INDIA, 23/06/2013

The Veteran Sahayata Samiti, which has been fighting against forcible extortion by eunuchs in the city, has now raised a new debate to bring the third gender into the main stream. According to the officials of Veteran Sahayata Samiti, the only solution of eunuchs’ problem lies in their rehabilitation and being accepted as the third sex.

The samiti feels that if same gender marriages can take place these days, eunuchs too can be rehabilitated and given similar opportunities. The Sahayata Samiti has also organised some seminars to address the problem.

Founder president of Veteran Sahayta Samiti Colonel Mohan Chandra Papnai, who has been fighting against the illegal extortion by eunuchs in the state capital, says, “By bringing them into the mainstream the menace of extortion can be handled in a better way. They can also check anti-social elements if they work in the police. With their strong build and height, they can be good body guards too.”

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