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'It can only get worse': Gays despair of Iran's elections


LGBT Iranians comment on today's election but with real power held by a religious and military elite and no candidates interested in easing the persecution they face, they say it can only get worse, not better.

As the controversial Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, heads out of office, Iranians are at the polls today (14 June) to vote for a new president.

But what will this election mean for LGBT Iranians? Are any of the candidates likely to improve the situation for gays and lesbians in Iran, who face systematic persecution? Is there an end in sight to Iran’s hard-line anti-LGBT policies?

Jafar Mohamadi, a 19-year-old gay Iranian, whose family fled Iran to Dubai, explained to Gay Star News that he sees no reason to vote: ‘No matter who we vote for, no matter what changes the candidates have proposed, my Iran will still continue to be run with the same, ancient mindset of the revolutionary religious authorities.

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