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Hollywood actress Demi Moore walks with chairperson of the Maiti Nepal NGO Anuradha Koirala following a six-day visit to Maiti Nepal in 2011.
Nepal court accuses top anti-trafficking group of detention

in NEPAL, 30/05/2013

Nepal's Supreme Court has accused a prominent anti-trafficking group of detaining a woman against her will so she could undergo counselling for being a lesbian, a lawyer said Tuesday.

The court ordered the release of the woman from a centre run by the Maiti Nepal group, which has been championed by British actress Joanna Lumley and Hollywood star Demi Moore, the lawyer who filed the court case said.

“The court determined that Maiti Nepal was detaining Rajani Shahi on the grounds that they wanted to provide her counselling to change her sexual orientation,” Hari Phuyal told AFP.

The woman, Shahi, 30, claimed in the case that she left her husband because she was attracted to other women. Seeking her return, her husband petitioned Nepal's National Women's Commission to get her back.

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