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‘You’re the man, Charice!’

in PHILIPPINES, 28/05/2013

When international singing phenom Charice celebrated her 21st birthday last May 10, she intimated to me that her party was her “coming out” of sorts... I’m able to express myself better now. I have come to accept the real me. I have come to love the real me. I now celebrate the real me,” she said, expressing her thoughts in one breath, in straight English without her acquired American twang.

Charice said she is committed to do shows in Indonesia and Germany soon. In June, she will be back in Los Angeles to fulfill some recording commitments. She will also do a show and recording in Japan soon. A guesting on Ellen is also in the offing. She’s still in contact with Ellen DeGeneres, she said.

Charice also told me Oprah knows about her bashers. “Oprah just told me to keep my cool and not be affected. I assured her, ‘Yes, Oprah, I can handle them. My spirit is made of titanium I will not break’.”

She humbly added: “But I’m thankful to my bashers, too. They make me so much stronger. I love them. I offer them peace. And I will forever be grateful to those who have loved me since Day One.” She also mentioned her gratitude to the worldwide Chasters, her fans club.

Charice also said she found a friend in Barbra Streisand. “She was one of those who told me I don’t owe anybody any explanation.”

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