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Cyber-Homophobia on the rise

in INDIA, 21/05/2013

Cyber-Homophobia or the practice of bullying members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community on cyber-space and social networking sites is on the rise and organisations supporting the rights of this community face a stiff challenge in creating an inclusive environment on the web.

A day after World International Day against Homophobia, city-based Chennai Dost which reaches out to the LGBT community across the state and is increasing efforts to spread awareness through social media platforms, uploaded a video about issues facing the community on youtube. On Friday, it organised an awareness event — 'Rosathon'.

"The prejudice and hatred against people with alternative sexual identity has now spread to the web. There are numerous incidents of the members of the community being judged, harassed and excluded. It boils down to a point where the individual is forced to live with the feeling of seclusion," says Yuvi Harry, public relations officer of Chennai Dost.

In May 1990, the WHO stopped referring to homosexuality as a mental disorder. But a society which embraces the diversity of sexual and gender identities still remains a distant goal for those who stand for the rights of LGBTs.

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