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Transgender awareness campaign launched in Malaysia (Video)

in MALAYSIA, 21/05/2013

Activists in Malaysia have launched the first transgender awareness public service announcement video of its kind on Youtube. Titled "I Am You: I Am A Picture Of You", the one-minute 40-second video features 11 transgender men and women reading a poem by Mitch Yusof, a Malaysian trans activist.

The campaign organisers say on their website: "As more and more misinformation and hatred are propagated regarding the trans* community, we feel that it is important to correct these information in hopes to foster understanding and promote tolerance and acceptance in this society towards trans people. This educational campaign is specifically designed to raise awareness regarding the trans community and subsequently bridge the gap between the trans* community and the society."

Justice for Sisters is a grassroots campaign organised by concerned members of the public to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah (transgender) community in Malaysia. The campaign also aims to raise funds to finance court cases that have been brought up against transgenders who have been charged in Syariah court, says the campaign website.

Currently, the Syariah Criminal Enactment bars Muslim men from dressing or behaving as women which prevents transgender Muslim women from transitioning legally or changing their names.

Watch the video here

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