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‘Humiliated’ transgender patient lodges complaint against Hong Kong nurse

in HONG KONG, 11/05/2013

Pre-op transgender woman complains to equality watchdog for being called 'Mr' loudly and repeatedly.

A transgender person awaiting surgery to become a woman has complained to the Equality Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong how a nurse kept on calling her ‘Mr’.

Angel, a rights advocate in her 20s with Rainbow of Hong Kong, said the nurse’s loud use of the male honorific had drawn attention to her gender identity disorder, leaving her humiliated.

‘She called me 'Mr' loudly. Everyone addresses me by "Ms" or calls me Angel as they can tell I'm a woman by seeing me,’ the SCMP quoted Angel as saying. ‘I felt I was humiliated and my condition of having gender identity disorder was deliberately exposed by my being called 'Mr' in front of everyone in the lobby.’

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