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Kurdish men dress in drag to support gender equality


The campaign 'Kurd Men for Equality' is a response to an Iranian court's sentence for a man found guilty in a domestic dispute. On April 15, Iranian police paraded Saman Rasoulpour, a man found guilty in a domestic dispute, through the northwestern city of Marivan dressed in traditional Kurdish women’s clothing. That walk was his punishment.

That's upset women and men alike who've been offended by the heavy implication that a man made feminine should be ashamed of himself.

In the days that have followed, protesters have taken to the streets and to the internet to voice their contempt for the outmoded concept behind the punishment. Local feminist organization Marivan Women's Community was among those who responded. They led a march of more than one hundred women in a civil resistance campaign for gender equality.

Soon thereafter, an advocacy group called 'Kurd Men for Equality' joined the women in solidarity — but they took to social media rather than the streets.

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