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Akinyi M. Ocholla in front of the CSW's banner at the United Nations
Report of Akinyi M. Ocholla on her participation at the 56th Commission on the Status of Women

in WORLD, 27/03/2012

Akinyi M. Ocholla (Representative of the ILGA Women’s Secretariat. Minority Women in Action, Kenya) prepared an interesting overview on her attendance at the 56th UN Commission on the Status of Women that took place in New York from 27 February till 9 March 2012

Please read in the attached PDF documents an overview of the various events attended by Akinyi M. Ocholla

PDF: CSW Report March 2012

PDF: CSW Pictorial Report March 2012

Below is a short summary of the report

  1. We are everywhere – Empowering LBT women in the rural areas and beyond.
    Panel organized by RFSL and ILGA, with moderator Ulrika (RFSL) and panellists: Gaille, Linda, Poedji and Akinyi. The discussion revolved around LBT women in the rural and urban areas, their challenges, their personal struggles, their successes, as well as country policies and situations for L(G)BT persons.
  2. Prejudice – based violence towards LBT persons, Good practices of Government policies
    Event sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands, in partnership with Norway, Argentina, the United Kingdom and South Africa.
  3. The Role of Gender Responsive Governance and Institutions for the Empowerment of Rural Women
    General comments at this high profile meeting were that:
    - More rural women were needed at these forums to give their perspectives directly to the delegates
    - Government budgetary allocations must be commensurate with the priorities of the women and must be accountable and corruption-free.
  4. Women Cultivating Change
    The baseline question guiding the presentations was: "How do women measure change in their work, especially when it is not always visible or immediate?"
  5. Karammah – Dignity for all Humanity. Financial Rights given to women by Islam 
    These presentations were given by a male and female presenter and touched on muslim rights for women in education, finances, leadership, jurisprudence, civic participation amongst others.
  6. Millenium Development Goals
    This talk focused on various goals:
    - Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger
    - Promote Gender Equality & Empower Women
    - Develop a Global Partnership
  7. Youth Meeting
    The Youth Meeting consisted of a panel of young girls aged 15-18 from different countries : Tanzania, Mozambique or Angola, and other Southern African Countries, who talked about their challenges and triumphs as young women. In spite of the fact that most of the young girls spoke rather poor English, they still tried to communicate with the audience – some 60-80 people, and this was much appreciated. The group that had organized this meeting was GRAILLE.
  8. Empowerment of Japanese Rural Women
    The presenters stressed that in Japan too there were difficulties for rural women in agriculture. The two new phases encountered in Japanese agriculture recently have been to address the questions of ‘Who’ and ‘How’ to open the doors for sustainable agriculture. This is particularly in light of the recent tsunami/earthquakes and nuclear power plant destructions which destroyed energy production and made the public particularly sensitive to safer energy options.


Attachments: pdf
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