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Yagg leads a joint interview about the article "Lesbian Health: Myths and Truths."

in WORLD, 29/03/2012

Yagg asked Patricia Curzi some question. Curzi is project coordinator of "Lesbian Health: Myths and Truths" made possible by ILGA with the support of the Belgian Foundation against Cancer and nine other Belgian groups as well as Mélanie Gerrebos, of the Tels Quels association, who helped conceive the project.

Excerpts from the interview:

The project Lesbian Health: Myths and Truths, why?
Few articles and little prevention information exists specifically for lesbians. What I like about this article, other than the health information, is the look at myth versus truth. Whether you are gay or straight, we essentially present a representation of the lesbian world. With this article, we overturn a few clichés and raise the veil from certain myths in relation to truths.  (...)

What is the goal of this project?
To inform, certainly, so that lesbians can take better care of their health! The article mocks clichés by denouncing them one by one. There are many illustrations as well as a quiz to make it easier to read. If readers talk to each other about their health, it will be a success… Talking together about health breaks down certain taboos: silence and the difficulties of talking to often ignorant health professionals about these realities makes taking care too difficult and too lonely!

Read the full article and inerview on the Yagg site. 

Read and download "Lesbian Health: Myths and Truths" in French: http://old.ilga.org/lesbianmovements/ILGA_Lesbians_Health_Myths_Realities_FR.pdf 

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