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Gay Publisher Celebrates 40 Years

in CANADA, 22/10/2011

ink Triangle Press (PTP), Canada’s leading gay and lesbian media organization celebrates its 40thanniversary this month. PTP started its four-decade long relationship with its communities October 27, 1971, when the first issue of The Body Politic came off the press. In 2008, the gay liberation newspaper was named one of the 20 most nfluential magazines in Canadian history, by industry publication Masthead.

Founded in 1971 to advance the struggle for sexual liberation, PTP’s defining activity is lesbian and gay journalism. Frustrated by the lack of a voice to represent the political and social concerns of gay men and lesbians, a group of Toronto activists launched The Body Politic.

Today, PTP is a mission-guided marketplace-active community organization without shareholders, earning annual revenues of more than $9 million and employing more than 65 people. Over four decades, PTP has grown from a small grassroots operation to a multi-media corporation with brands ranging from print and online, to television.

“Although the scale of the Press has grown hugely since 1971, we remain true to our founding principles,” said president and executive director Ken Popert. “We have no owners or shareholders profiting from our work and our overriding message remains that collective action is the way to advance the common good.”

In 1989, PTP launched Cruiseline and became a pioneer and leader in the gay personals audiotext industry. PTP publishes Xtra community newspapers in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, and the glossy lifestyle magazine Fab magazine in Toronto. Editorial websites include Xtra.ca, Fabmagazine.com and Guidemag.com; its gay personals website is Squirt.org. PTP operatesHardTV, co-produces the international gay travel TV show Bump!, and is co-owner of the national digital TV channel OutTV.

PTP will publish a 12-page supplement to commemorate its 40th anniversary in the October 13 edition of Xtra in Ottawa, October 20 editions in Toronto and Vancouver, and online at Xtra.ca. A PDF version available on request or download editions at www.Xtra.ca.

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