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COLORS Statement Condemning Hate Violence against Transgenders in Cebu

in PHILIPPINES, 14/10/2011

The statement of the Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex (COLORS) regarding the hate violence against transgender women in Cebu, Philippines

The Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex (COLORS) condemns the recent attacks on transgenders around Cebu City. These incidents started since saturday night of October 8 wherein the attacks has been reported by trangenders in Colon, Tisa, Inayawan, Sambag, Mango and Lorega areas of Cebu city. The assailants are unidentified men riding an unplated white mini van shooting specifically trangenders using pellet guns. Since the transgender victims took it as an isolated case, they never reported the said incidents to the authorities. Knowing that the attacks are roaming around the streets of the city, the transgender community were alarmed of the said incidents and some were vigilant in passing warning messages to trangenders to be aware while walking in the streets and suggested to ride jeepneys or taxis when going out. As the weekend passed, transgenders reported about more attacks and continued to be unaccounted to the authorities. Last Wednesday, again another incidents happened and were reported to the authorities. Luckily, the media people published the said incidents to inform the public of these attacks.

COLORS as the premier transgender organization of the city, condemns these attacks and considers it as a HATE CRIME. These acts are one of the grave threat that endangers the transgender community. We dont feel safe and protected. May the authorities take necessary actions to caught the perpetrators and LOOK further on LGBT HATE CRIMES due to homophobia and transphobia. Now, The transgender community is standing out and in one with the LGBT community to end homphobia and transphobia in our society.

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