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Gay Kiss Takes Flight

in CHINA, 11/10/2011

Two male students from a university that trains civil aviation pilots have been temporarily suspended after pictures of them kissing each other went viral on the Internet, a university official said, drawing fierce protests from Chinese gay rights groups.

In one of the pictures, two unidentified students wearing the uniform of the Guanghan Flight College under the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) in Sichuan Province are seen holding each other intimately and kissing while a third person watches. The pictures were forwarded tens of thousands of times on microblogs.

“These images have created a bad impression of the school as well as of themselves,” an official with the college’s publicity department told the Global Times.

The official confirmed that the students, both juniors, have been “temporarily suspended” to undergo moral education and criticism, but a final penalty has yet to be announced. The kissing scene was meant to be a joke and the students did it after passing one exam.

The incident has drawn the attention of Chinese gay rights groups with many calling for the penalty to be lifted.

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