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Prevent rape as a weapon of war. Justice for the survivors of sexual violence.

in MYANMAR, 25/09/2011

As the UN General Assembly meets in New York this week, the Global Fund for Women joins its grantee partners and allies in demanding that the United Nations immediately call for a Commission of Inquiry into rape, torture and crimes against humanity in Burma.

Half a million Congolese women have been raped and assaulted by multiple military forces over the past decade. In Colombia, women and girls have been repeated targets of violence throughout the country's history of civil conflict.

Women in Burma – like their sisters in other parts of the world – are being repeatedly brutalized by sexual violence under a repressive regime.

We need to take a stand against sexual violence in war and conflict. Now.

Join us in taking action today.

A Commission will focus international attention on the Burmese regime, document abuses and expose the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Burmese government.

Burmese refugees testify that soldiers are ordered to rape women, in an attempt to assert political and social control, and weaken the resistance of different ethnic communities. The Thailand-based Shan Women's Action Network reports that dozens of women have been raped by the military in Burma since January 2011.

Across the world, as in Burma, women are targets of sexual violence because they are women, because they are caretakers and reproducers of their community, and because attacking women destroys communities.

In Colombia, Afro-Colombian and indigenous women and girls have been specific targets; in the Congo, women in resource-rich regions have been particularly vulnerable; and in Bosnia, brutal ethnic cleansing included the rape and assault of women of a different nationality.

Only through sustained international pressure and action can we end the use of rape as a weapon of war, and the impunity of regimes that exercise it.

The Global Fund for Women is committed to preventing rape as a weapon of war, and seeking justice for the survivors of sexual violence. Please act today! Sign the petition now!

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