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Consider yourself invited to the Global Rainbow Flashmob!

in WORLD, 12/03/2013

What's new for IDAHO 2013? If you haven't heard yet, this year the IDAHO Committee team is lending a special support to rainbow themed flashmobs around the world, on May 17. We hope this will give an added vibrancy, buzz and common signature to unique local actions!

You can find out all about it in our new, dedicated website: www.rainbowflash.org most of which is already available in several different languages.

There you will find a range of ideas for action (http://rainbowflash.org/ideas-for-action/) for people wanting to participate, which we hope will provide inspiration!

Whether you are a youth group, filmmaker, company, street art collective, dancer, faith-based group, musician, city-wide LGBTQI network, artist, or absolutely anyone with a paintbrush or a pair of lungs you should find something to get your ideas flowing!

Once you settle on plans, just send us a few details of your event here http://rainbowflash.org/report-your-event/ and we will put it on the map, so that hopefully – by May 17 – it is full of all different events around the world. It's as simple as that.

Also, for those who would like to join the action in a different way, we are also organising an online Global Rainbow Flashmob in the lead up to May 17!

This means people from all different countries, uploading their “rainbowpics” - accompanied by their own unique message to other LGBTQI people around the world - so that on the Day, we can unveil a dedicated work of art that hopefully gets buzzed all around the world. This will not only appear online, but in venues in different countries and institutions, including the European Parliament building!

You can see the existing gallery here (http://rainbowflash.org/see-the-online-flashmob-2/). And in addition the best pictures from around the world as chosen by a jury – members to be disclosed ! - will also feature in a lasting work of art, as the faces of IDAHO 2013. So get flashing, and please enjoy!

You can also expect to follow the action on facebook and on twitter (by using the hashtags #rainbowflash and #May17).

And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in contact with the team at contact@dayagainsthomophobia.org!

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