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Looking for Campaigns Director and leader of Change.org Philippines

in PHILIPPINES, 27/02/2013

Something different is beginning to happen all over the Philippines. Every day people are taking a stand on local, state and national issues that matter to them, and they're winning. Change.org launched in the Philippines in June 2012. There was a simple goal: empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see. In just a few short months, more than 350,000 Filipinos are using Change.org, and they'€™re winning some incredible victories for people power.

Now we'€™re looking to take Change.org Philippines to the next level - and so we're looking for an outstanding and inspiring leader who'll became the Campaigns Director and leader of Change.org Philippines.

Whoever takes on this role has to be amazing. They should:

Be an inspiring leader with a strong history of involvement in people powered social change.

Have the vision and ambition to transform democracy in the Philippines - empowering millions of traditionally disempowered people to create change on the issues they care about.

Be confident with digital technology, in particular at engaging with people online.

Have have high level relationships and networks across civil society, media and government.

Be an expert at working with and using the media to tell stories of people powered social change.

Love working with people to help solve their problems and have outstanding writing skills.

We need your help to find this person.

If a contact of yours might be perfect send them this position description.

Or if there'€™s an amazing leader you think we should approach directly (and if you don'€™t have their contact details to share the position description with them) then you can nominate them here.


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