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Tomboy students seek equality

in THAILAND, 10/02/2013

Tomboy students at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (SSRU) are demanding equality after their professors banned them from wearing pants to class but allowed male gay students to attend class wearing skirts, an SSRU report said on Tuesday.

The women complained that being forced by teachers to wear female attire to classrooms, instead of male clothing, distressed them. It also denied them their free will, and breached the constitution and the principle of gender equality, the report said.

Jinda Pigulgaew, a third year student, said she did not like wearing a skirt because she did not feel like herself. She always changed into a skirt only immediately before entering class and switched back to pants right after.

"When I see that [homosexual] men come to class wearing skirts I just feel that's unfair. However, I do understand that in our current society men have more advantages,” said Ms Jinda.

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