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Transgender conversion racket: Young victim recounts the horror

in INDIA, 08/02/2013

In a sensational development, a 20-year old youth has thrown light on a flourishing racket involving forcible conversion of young teens into transgenders.

The victim, 20-year old Prakash aka Monica, was kidnapped by a transgender in Amroha when he was 14-years old and sterilised. 

“After I was rendered unconscious by the transgenders’ group in Amroha, they performed an operation on my private part,” recalls Prakash aka Monica. He was then, reportedly, transported to Punjab to dance in weddings.
But whatever he earned was not given to him and went to one Jaswant of Amroha, another transgender who had kidnapped him. “There were others like me in Punjab who had been forced into the business, and even their earning were sent to the people who had abducted them,”said Prakash, throwing light on the illegal trade.

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