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Korean gay couple
Gay rights in South Korea

in KOREA, REPUBLIC OF, 28/01/2013

Activist and film producer Sunghwan Kim (also known as Dave Kim) talks to Gay Star News about LGBT rights in socially conservative South Korea, and why he's getting married for money.

The reason I started working in the film industry is through my boyfriend. He is the CEO of Generation Blue Film in Korea quite a big film company. He suggested, 'why don't you work with me?', because there was no gay film company in Korea.

There are a lot of tools to change the world and film is one of them because a lot of people go to the theatre to see films. In Korea the young generation go to see films one or two times a week.

And you can send a message through film very easily, so that's why we decided to found the Rainbow Factory, a gay film company in 2011.

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