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Attorney-General Nicola Roxon
Get Up! Australia launches Anti Discrimination Bill campaign

in AUSTRALIA, 27/01/2013

Australian human rights advocates launch campaign to protect LGBTQI rights in forthcoming Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill. Australian campaign group Get Up! has launched a campaign to ask the Attorney-General Nicola Roxon to make changes to the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill currently being examined by parliament.

The campaign is asking supporters to send an email to Roxon that shows support for the the Bill, but also askes for changes to the current draft.

The changes are to remove the exemption for religious groups that will allow them to 'legally discriminate'; include the word intersex in definitions of people of diverse sex and gender and to make criminal record discrimination protected by the law, where that criminal record is not relevant.

Finally the campaign asks that the government pass the Bill before the next general election, which must be held by 30 November this year.

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