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Cairns-based activist Michelle Diamond
Activist's quest: "I'm not sick. I'm transgender"

in AUSTRALIA, 21/12/2012

Cairns-based activist Michelle Diamond (pictured) is delighted with a planned change to how mental disorders are defined so that she will no longer be considered to have one. Trans people are no longer going to feature in the next edition of the psychiatrists’ bible of mental disorders, it has been confirmed.

Diamond has gained over 68,000 signatures to her online petition to the United Nations’ World Health Organisation, begging them to no longer consider people like her as being mentally ill.

The US decision gives hope for the WHO campaign. “I have a good feeling they may follow suit,” she says. “The eyes are on the World Health Organisation at the moment to see what they do, I am very hopeful of a positive outcome, which means another big step forward.”

See Michelle Diamond’s online petition here via Change.org.

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