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Law to protect transgenders' rights stressed

in INDIA, 01/12/2012

The makers of the film 'Ardhanaari' stressed the need for a law to improve the living conditions and to protect the interests of transgenders in India. At a news conference held here on Sunday, Santhosh Souparnika, the director of the film, said that during the making of the film he came across more than 5000 hijras in Thiruvananthapuam. "We often forget the 'third sex'. It is sad that our Constitution has never thought of giving any kind of consideration to them," he said.

'Ardhanaari' deals with the plight of the transgenders. "There are many among us who might seem to be normal but have the traits of transgenders. They hide their feelings and mingle with the rest out of the fear of being isolated. Many live with their family as good husbands," said Santhosh.

The director also said that his film has only tried to bring to light the neglect and harassment the third gender faces.

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