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Transgenders upset over sex change delays

in INDIA, 23/12/2012

The transgender community in western Tamil Nadu is upset with the inordinate delay in getting sex reassignment surgeries done at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH). In Coimbatore district alone, there are more than 350 transgenders who are awaiting their turn for free sex change surgery at the hospital. Since such a surgery cost more than a lakh rupee in private hospitals, poor and socially discriminated transgender people have no option but to wait for their turn for free surgery at CMCH.

Dr Mohammed Ali, district programme manager of the AIDS Prevention Control Units, who works with transgenders and played a role in facilitating the free surgeries, said the sex reassignment surgery is a complicated operation and it requires the coordination of various doctors. It takes at least three months at times and there could be delays since various tests have to be conducted before the surgery and the concerned doctors have to be present, he said. Read the full story.

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