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‘Things will change’

in INDIA, 07/12/2012

It was gay abandon in all its hues. The ‘Pride March’, that drew more than 400 people from different parts of the City over the weekend, grabbed a lot of eyeballs and attracted a great deal of media attention. Transgenders of all classes, castes and professions participated in it. It was an occasion for the transgenders from the working class as well as the upper class to wear their sexuality on their sleeves.

“We are forced to behave they way we do. We feel unsafe and are discriminated against wherever we go. We’re just viewed as objects for sex,” says Sona in a rather gruff voice. She adds, “Even if I go to a nearby shop to buy something, after dark, people ask me if I have come out for sex work. This is the perception and it must change.” Read the full story.

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