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Trans-actional eunuchs out

in PAKISTAN, 07/12/2012

With dazzling make-up and stylish dresses, eunuchs roam across the provincial capital – from markets to parking and roads to residences. The more the society debates on their identity, the faster the eunuchs take to the streets for their rights.

However, police officials found many eunuchs’ involved in crimes, including prostitution, mugging, and drug pushing, but the lawmen are ‘unable’ to rein in. At daytime, eunuchs are seen begging at traffic signals while they opt for baiting men into road robberies at night. “If a eunuch commits a crime, the person should be punished as per law. But, why don’t the authorities take action when we are teased and harassed in public. Why men hoot at us when we pass by,” questioned Aashi Butt, President She-Male Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in Lahore.

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