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HIV INTERVENTION. Chiyo Kanda, Acting Country Director for the Philippines of the World Bank, expressed support for helping the country mitigate HIV/AIDS. Photo by Adrian Portugal.
HIV prevalence can be controlled, mitigated: ADB

in MYANMAR, 07/12/2012

HIV prevalence can be controlled and mitigated, according to multilateral lender Asian Development Bank (ADB). This is the goal of two new projects aimed at curbing the growth and risks of HIV through a "focused and strategic approach," ADB Vice-President Stephen Groff said on Monday, December 3, two days after World Aids Day.

Myanmar and the Philippines were chosen for specific reasons.

Myanmar is ranked as a high-burden country in Asia. With 240,000 people living with HIV in Myanmar, it is one of the countries with the largest number of HIV infections in the region.

The Philippines, on the other hand, is one of 7 countries in the region that continues to see an increase in its number of newly infected people--even while infections have drastically reduced in the region.

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