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Transgenders: Don`t tag us `neither women nor men`

in INDIA, 01/11/2012

‘We have never tried to show women in degraded manner by designing costumes and influencing them to wear that are not fitted to be seen by the general public’, this was said by the secretary of the All Manipur Nupi  Maanbi Association (AMANA), Imphal today in a press release. The Association further calls the women organisations, women pressure groups, individual and groups to look at the transgender community in a universal acceptable manner and to call them in universal acceptable terms, in spite of tagging them with derogatory comments.

It further maintained that the comment of women organisations terming them as ‘neither women nor men’ seem more derogatory and discriminatory to the community and in adverse to the society.

It further added that the challenges faced by the transgender community (Nupi Shabi) are only acknowledged by the least groups of people in the state and community themselves.  

It further maintained that the society and their outlook has impacted only in creating hurdles in earning the livelihood of transgender and never have understood the pains in battling for the survival.

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